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Advantages The Current Parameter That The Red Copper Wire Can Bear
Highly efficiency in welding progress Generally, the safety current of red copper wire per square millimeter of cross-sectional area is as follow
Good performance in high-current discharge 1. bare wire: 10A-15A
Low interior resistance, high electric conductivity 2. enameled wire: 7A-8A
Designed for all type welding machinery 3. The instantaneous current of the wire can bear is 4 to 6 times of the safety current
Easy to weld
Calculate The Parameter Based On The Above Data Tensil Tests
=polar pillar: thickness 0.3mm x width 9mm: For the new style of welding, its cissoids extensional rigidity bigger than 8kgs after it welded with battery terminal
copper sheet:Safety current :33.7 A
Instantaneous current:160A
= polar pillar: thickness 0.5mmx width 9mm copper sheet:
Safety current:56 A
Instantaneous current:280A
The above data is just for your reference
Our patent no.:201320014375.4 Combination method can be changed as request.
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